Insight from J.L. Robb, Author of The End: The Book

Who is J.L. Robb?

J.L. Robb is a husband, father and grandfather. He served four years as a U.S. Navy Corps man during the Vietnam Conflict, graduated with a B.S in Zoology from N.C. State University and is the President of the Duluth Civitan Club. He currently lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Book of Revelations was one of the first things J.L. Robb read because it was scary and he liked that. Robb has maintained a thirst for insights concerning the predictions about how the world would one day end, based on the Biblical version of the story.

Robb has had his story inside him since he was young, and he was always hearing the message, “Write a book! Write a book!” Even Robb’s friends kept telling him to write a book, but he waited until he was 63 to do so.

What did J.L. Robb write?

Robb is the author of The End: The Book series. It is an edge-of-the-seat thriller and love story, aimed primarily at the unbeliever. The End: The Book is a seven-book series, and so far Robb has completed two books and is working on the third. The End: The Book is Biblically based and is essentially a story of what will happen when Islamic terrorism meets the Bible Belt.

Why did J.L. Robb publish with WestBow Press?

When looking for a publisher for his book, Robb chose WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson. Throughout the publishing process, WestBow Press did a great job of helping Robb with his first book. WestBow Press made Robb feel comfortable by never tiring of his infinite questions and by being available to answer his questions at any time.

He was so pleased with WestBow Press that he used them for the first two books, and will use it for the rest of the series. He recommends WestBow Press to his friends and family and he even considers WestBow Press to be part of his family.

How does J.L. Robb market and promote his book?

Since J.L. Robb does not have a large publishing company spending thousands of dollars on marketing his book, he needs to come up with cost-effective ways to do it himself. One thing he does is make use of the phenomenon known as social media because it is a great way to reach out to your audience and it’s free. Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube are just a few of the platforms social media provides.

Robb also puts his book’s logo on as many things as possible. He suggests making bookmarks because they are inexpensive and you can leave them all over; he likes to take his to restaurants and leave them on the table. He also has shirts, hats and water bottles with The End: The Book’s logo on it.

When promoting your book at a location, Robb suggests a coffee shop instead of bookstores because bookstores already have several books and it becomes a competition. If you’d prefer to promote at a bookstore, Robb finds that independent bookstores, family-owned bookstores, used bookstores and small Christian stores offer more for a self-published author.


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