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Judging Books By Their Covers

Juding Books By Their CoversBook covers matter. Every potential reader forms their opinion of a book based in part on their impression of the book’s cover. That opinion helps them answer the following questions:

Is the author credible?
Is the book high quality or low budget?
Was the book professionally produced or created by amateurs?
Does the value of the book justify the price?
Should I buy this book?

In my various roles at Thomas Nelson over the past 20+ years, I have seen thousands of book covers. As an author, one of your responsibilities is to make sure you avoid making common errors such as neglecting to communicate important information that readers hope to obtain from the cover.

5 things a potential reader is looking to decipher from your book’s cover:


Q&A with Alison Holen, Cover Design Supervisor

Q&A with a Cover Design SupervisorCover design is an important aspect when publishing a book, and it is something all authors struggle with. We talked with Cover Design Supervisor Alison Holen to gather advice and insight from an experienced cover designer. The image for today’s entry is an example of Alison Holen’s work.

WBP:  Why is a good cover design important to your book?

AH: Although it is often said, “never judge a book by its cover,” readers rarely follow this saying.  A well designed book draws the eyes and sparks the reader’s curiosity. A quality cover design also brings a sense of professionalism to a book.

WBP: Where should an author start when thinking about a book’s cover design?

AH:  When thinking about what direction to take for cover design, you need to begin by looking at the future of the industry: online bookstores. Online bookstores present an interesting challenge to a designer because the images used to represent the book online are rather small (thumbnails). In this instance, bold typographic design with a simple (yet powerful) image is typically successful because it is easier to view at a smaller size. As long as the design is strong at the thumbnail size, the cover will be even more impactful on the shelf of a store. (more…)

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