Writing Tip & Prompt: Participle Phrases

Writing Tip & PromptOn Fridays, we like to share writing tips and trick with our readers. We hope this section will encourage and inspire you to continually improve as a writer.

Writing Tip – Participle Phrases

A participle phrase (a non-finite verb that can function as an adjective) that modifies a noun or pronoun must refer to the grammatical subject when placed at the beginning of a sentence. Make sure that you form sentences correctly depending on the meaning. Example: “Young and inexperienced, the job seemed simple to me.” Young and inexperienced refers to the subject of the sentence, “the job,” which is not what the writer intends. The sentence can be corrected like this: “Young and inexperienced, I thought the job was simple.”

Writing Prompt – Antiques

When looking for inspiration for a writing session, sometimes it helps to go somewhere and be inspired by what you see. A good place to look for inspiration is an antique shop. They have a wide variety of items, from different time periods and places. With so many antiques to choose from, there is no telling where your story will go. For this week’s prompt, go to your local antique store and look around until something sticks out at you. Once you find that thing, focus on it: What is its history? How did it come to be in your town? Who did it used to belong to? Use the inspiration you got from the antique to write a short story.

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