Why Authors Choose WestBow Press

We at WestBow Press are always thrilled to hear feedback from our authors and receive great reviews for our services. Check out some of our author testimonials below!


Sandy Hurst, 52 Quick Lessons on the Bible

I look back on my publishing journey and think WOW! I am thankful for this opportunity and proud of the accomplishment God has allowed in my life.



Andrew and Stephanie Downing, Marriage and Schizophrenia

I’m so grateful I took the leap of faith and filled out the free publishing guide. Hundreds now know that schizophrenia is not bigger than God, and I have a growing platform to share a Christian point of view in the world of mental health. I highly recommend WestBow Press.



Kathleen Beining, The Story of Mrs. Bumbleberry

Publishing with Westbow Press was wonderful. They walked me through the process and always responded when I had questions. I am not the most computer savvy person, but everyone there was patient and friendly.



Debra Irene, Reflections

Although I did not win the writer’s contest; I did receive a discount on a publishing package with WestBow Press for entering and was able to purchase that package with an unexpected bonus in January. I watched the dream unfold, month by month, just like Brenda encouraged; and in April of 2011, I held my first copy of Reflections.



Rodney Hunt, Out of Control

I wanted to give up many times during the process of writing and publishing. One of the reasons I invested in the publishing package with WestBow Press was because I knew it would help hold me accountable to finishing my goal of becoming a published author.



Eva Schmidt, Grace for Tomorrow

My experience with WestBow Press has been nothing short of amazing. I knew nothing about publishing but their friendly staff has guided me each step of the way.



Gary Savage, Fletcher McKenzie

Self-publishing gives me the control I had previously been looking for. I have a major say in the layout of the book, the cover, and the final product. I would absolutely recommend self-publishing to other aspiring authors.



Jeffrey Donley, The Counterfeit Christmas

I like the fact that my work will be published to the world. I would recommend WestBow Press’s self-publishing to other authors.




Cathy Corley, The Red Stones

I am so appreciative for WestBow Press. They gently guided me from my initial call last January to the final proofs. Each representative was patient, kind and helpful through every stage. I would encourage anyone that has a story on their heart to take the time and write it down. God has blessed me through this journey.



– WBP –

WestBow Press authors who’d like to share a 350-600 word experience related to the self-publishing of their books are invited to do so by sending a message through the WestBow Press Facebook page and follow the WestBow Press Twitter account @WestBowPress. WestBow Press reserves the right to edit stories for content, grammar, punctuation, and length. 

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