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A great book makes for a great gift. WestBow Press recommends a handful of great reads for the book-lover in your life.

The Creche, by Larry Forcey

Summary (fiction): A fiery preacher tried, convicted and burned at the stake. An elderly monk questioned and scoffed by a papal delegation. A father, in the outskirts of Paris, tormented with the decision to protect his family or to follow Christ’s teaching of “turning the other cheek.” An abused wife leaves her husband, embarking on the unknown to protect her seven-year-old daughter. An eleven-year-old boy despairs to find answers to the injustices and evil he discovers in his world.

The Amazing Adventures of Phineas Screwdriver, by JM Fee

Summary (juvenile fiction): In a mysterious factory the world has seemingly forgotten, there lives a little robot. Armed with nothing more than his incredible imagination and overwhelming sense of adventure, Phineas and his imaginary friends set off to have the best adventure of their lives.

Where the Pink Houses Are, by Rebekah Ruth

Summary (fiction): When unthinkable tragedy strikes, will Brenna and her mother-in-law, Anna, find healing half a world away amid the green Irish hills? Brenna begins to think she may be able to build a new life in a new land when Anna’s eccentric family welcomes her with open arms. But it is in the arm Luke Dillon, the town heartbreaker, that she begins to wonder if she can truly fall in love again.

Cheap Love, by Carrie Starr and Erv Starr

Summary (family and relationships): Vulnerable, frank, witty and wise.  This is the story of best friends from college who spent their honeymoon in a borrowed tent and, with a deliberate focus on establishing a lasting romance while pursuing financial responsibility, they were able to celebrate their tenth anniversary on an Alaskan cruise. Lovers of simple pleasure, unexpected adventures, spoiling others and following Jesus, Carrie and Erv share their struggles and success with transparency and grace. This couple draws you in and inspires you to follow their example.

The God Who Gave Christmas, by Lynda Koile

Summary (Religion/spirituality): The personhood of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is simply and colorfully conveyed to children and adults alike. From Creation to Christmas, Easter to Pentecost, we get a glimpse into God’s loving heart and His desire to interact with the people He created. The God Who Gave Christmas inspires children and adults to worship Jesus in a childlike and joyful manner.

Thirteen Months, by Don Brobst

Summary (biography/autobiography) In a society where love has been tainted and marriage destroyed by the ways of this world, Thirteen Months is the depiction of the ultimate love between a man and a woman. In the face of the unspeakable tragedy, every aspect of one couple’s adventures, both past and present, has forged the bond between them that will carry them into the center of God’s plan. As a physician finding himself in the heart-wrenching position of being totally and utterly helpless to save the love of his life, Don has no power to overcome this foe, save for his faith in God and the power of prayer.

A romantic and deeply touching story, Thirteen Months seeks to inspire on every level. It reaches out not only to those finding themselves fighting for their lives, but for couples everywhere who desire more in their marriages and who need to see the fullness of love and depth of romance God desires for them.

Lady and the Sea, by Sharon Leaf

Summary (fiction): After two failed marriages, Rosie Atkisson, 48, struggles through the process of rebuilding her life with Jesse, her husband, in Southern California. In 1994, the settled rhythm of her newfound comfort is interrupted by a tug in her heart when she encounters a haunting photo of another aging lady: the World War II vessel MS Restoration.

Twelve Weeks of Giving, by Kathy Pennigar

Summary (Religion/inspirational): Giving in itself is a gift. Twelve Weeks of Giving is about a business whose office staff went out into the community and blessed other people through giving. Each week a name was drawn and that person was given money to bless others. There were 12 people with 12 different ideas and spheres of influence.

Twelve Weeks of Giving was inspired by an evangelist’s sermon from Life Action Ministries during revival services and written to inspire other businesses and individuals to go out into their communities and help those who are less fortunate. Church groups, businesses and individuals can use the examples shared in this book to start their own giving projects.

I Choose to Forgive, by Dianne B. Collard

Summary (Religion/inspirational): One person’s story, every person’s struggle, God’s Solution. We live in a fallen world where offenses and serious grievances occur in every person’s life. These painful situations, whether a slight offense or a serious offense, demand that all of us face the question, “Does God expect me to forgive?” The answer is clear. The choice is ours to obey. The power to do so comes from God alone.

I Choose to Forgive is a heartbreaking journey from devastation to freedom and presents a strong biblical foundation undergirding the practical steps of doing forgiveness.

Walk: A Memoir, by Randy Krulish

Summary (biography/autobiography): A journey through life as seen through the eyes of a frightened twelve-year-old boy. After suffering a broken neck in a horrific accident, Randy Krulish explains how God and family provide him with the necessary strength to endure his now unexpected life as a paralyzed boy. Even though these newfound struggles are nearly more than he can cope with, Randy finds the inner peace to overcome them. Discover how his life was changed forever; it may change yours as well.


To receive your book order by Christmas, keep the following order dates in mind:

December 3: Paperback and hardcover color books
December 7: Hardcover black-and-white books
December 10: Paperback black-and-white books


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