Sarah Hixon: What She’s Learned About Book Marketing and Signings

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes brief accounts, written by our authors, about how self-publishing their books has affected their lives. The following are the words of Sarah Hixon;  author of “Nuggets: Establishing a Daily Quiet Time:”

Author Sara Hixon signed copies of her book at a local Chick-fil-A. Her pastor ‘s wife helped arrange the signing.

I wanted to share some of my learning in regards to marketing and book signings for my new book. I was blessed to recently publish the devotional book, Nuggets: Establishing a Daily Quiet Time. My pastor was very supportive of me writing the book, and he actually wrote the Foreword. He told me that he wanted to give copies of the book to new believers at our church. The Lord put it on my heart to donate five copies a month to my church for this purpose. I also give a discount to the church for any copies that they purchase. Shortly after the book was published, I asked my pastor if it would be possible to have a book signing at the church to announce and celebrate this opportunity that the Lord had provided. He agreed and the book signing was a big success with 40 books sold!

Another opportunity I had was to do a book signing at a local Chick-fil- A. Our pastor’s wife knew the owners and she inquired if they would be interested in hosting a book signing. They told her to have me call their marketing consultant. I gave the marketing consultant a complimentary copy of the book. After we set the date for the book signing, I began to invite friends via email about 2 weeks before the event. Because many of the people I invited already had a book, I told the invitees not to feel obligated to buy a book, but by coming to the signing, they would support Chick-fil-A and say thank you to them for hosting this signing. Sixty friends and family attended and 35 books were sold! Many who bought books already had one and wanted to buy some for their friends and family. I also had a drawing to give away four free books. I was blessed to have this marketing opportunity, and Chick-fil-A was excited to get 60 additional customers that evening!

I am currently working with another Chick-fil-A to have another book signing. I called and talked with their manager and she in turn put me in touch with their marketing consultant. I plan to invite different friends this time, including neighbors and coworkers, inviting most via email, flyers and conversations about 2 weeks before the event. Looking forward to what God has in store!


– Sara Hixon

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  1. Thanks Sarah for sharing. I loved your post! The two things that stood out to me are: 1) Events don’t have to take place at conventional venues like bookstores. 2) Friends who have connections are so helpful.

    This is an inspiring post to continue to be diligent in my pursuit of events. Blessings to you and all the best with your book!

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