MOGDA WALKER: Write a book? I’ve been meaning to!

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes brief accounts, written by our authors, about how self-publishing their books has affected their lives. The following are the words of Mogda Walker, author of “From Faith to Faith.”

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I’ve always been a voracious reader, so no one was surprised when I majored in English, although writing was a secret passion. While growing up in rural Michigan, I rarely had to look outside my large extended family for entertainment. My younger sister and I would frequently quip, “We’re putting that in our book.” She’s a hoot, and I really have to thank her for jump-starting my writing.  Six years ago, we tossed around topics for a book we planned to co-write and spent hours brainstorming ideas, even setting deadlines. A typical firstborn and total control freak, I finished long before the deadline and waited. And waited. And waited! She’s my baby sister. Need I say more? Smartly, I continued writing.

Three manuscripts later, my long-suffering husband of twenty-six years encouraged me to self-publish.  After doing an exhaustive Internet search for self-publishers, we contacted WestBow Press. A total publishing novice, my hand was gently held. I owe the WestBow Press staff a heartfelt thank-you and a double hand salute for making my dream an awesome reality.  The WestBow Press team of professionals helped me create a wonderful product that I’m honored to promote and share. Being encouraged to have my novel reviewed by KIRKUS REVIEWS and receiving third-party approval has only intensified my enthusiasm.

Mogda Walker (pen name M. Lynn Walker) at a book signing in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Mogda Walker (pen name M. Lyn Walker) at a book signing in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

My first novel, “From Faith to Faith,” arrived in early August and contains two novellas set in rural southwestern Michigan. In both stories, readers are introduced to characters dealing with sin, others seeking redemption, and those who’ve acknowledged God’s lordship in their lives. I have fond Midwestern memories, and in my youth, I attended a wonderful community church. The pastors are now deceased. Thus, I created Indigo Beach, a fictional town also located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and the fictional New Life Full Gospel Church, pastored by Deon Bradford. Working in lay ministry for many years, I’ve come to understand that God isn’t looking for perfection but rather obedience, which is far greater than sacrifice, as 1 Samuel 15:22 states. I have also come to realize that He does not call the qualified but rather qualifies the called. My spiritual journey is ever-changing.  And trust me, God has a keen sense of humor. On January 19, 2014, my husband and I are being ordained in ministry.  Never saw that one coming. Writing faith-based fiction is my ministry.  Look at God!

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  1. Encouraging story! I’m nearing the end of a 13 + year journey of publishing with Westbow. I loved your comment regarding God not calling the qualified, rather qualifying the called. Thanks! Eric

    1. Eric,
      Congrats on getting this close to completing your book! Once the title is live, if you’d like to submit a blog post about your experience for consideration, please do. Best of luck with the launch of your new title and thank you for choosing WestBow Press.


    1. Kathryn,
      The blog is open to any WestBow Press author who’d like to share something about their experience in self-publishing their book with WestBow. We accept submissions and choose which ones we believe will resonate best with our readers.
      If you are a WestBow Press author and would like to submit a blog post for consideration, please send 350-500 words to We are not able to run all posts, but all will be read and considered. Thanks.

  2. Well, I’m very happy to say Mogda is my first cousin and I know her to be a wonderful human being. She’s a great woman with a calling on her life. God certainly has a plan for each of our lives but we have to be willing to go where HE tells us to go and do whatever it is he wants us to do.

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