Book Signing Tips – What I Learned from the Miami Book Fair

We just got back from one of the largest book fairs we attend each year: the Miami Book Fair International from Nov. 16 – 18. It’s an exciting event filled with hundreds of booths offering everything from the world’s smallest books to a vibrant children’s section.

WestBow Press helps authors host their own book signing every year at this popular event. And, every year we learn something new.


Here are just a few tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your next book signing:

1.)    Keep your conversation brief. Sure, it’s great to connect with potential fans of your book, but you also have others waiting to meet you. Brush up on your elevator pitch the night before your signing to ensure you are mindful of time.

2.)    Wear something snazzy. In festivals like Miami, it’s a challenge to stand out from the book characters walking around on stilts and the festive music playing throughout the day. So, make sure you look polished, yet add something that will grab attendees’ attention as they walk by your booth, such as a bright colored jacket, an eclectic hat or some fun glasses.

3.)    Make sure the fair environment is right for your book. Miami is an excellent option for children’s book authors or Hispanic authors. Many children attend the fair on Friday because schools bring their students since the fair is free to all. Research your fairs and make sure your title fits well into the general audience in order to guarantee a warm reception of your title.

4.)    Give readers a reason to come to your booth. If you’re trying to sell your book or are attending an event on your own without professional support, bring along some free pens with your website printed on the sides, bags with your book’s cover or even candy. Anything to help draw in a crowd. Once you get a few people interested, crowds naturally attract crowds.

If this all sounds daunting to you, WestBow Press can help you through our Book Signing services. Or, if you’re unable to travel to an upcoming event, put your book on display in a Book Gallery – it’s an easy, effective and cost efficient way to get your name outside of your book’s niche.

What did you learn after your first book signing?

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