He Who Has Called You Is Faithful, He Will Do It

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Choosing WestBow Press

GodSome have said the greatest two days in our lives are the day we are “born again”, and the day we find out why. As a new author, I would invite anyone “sitting on the fence” to fulfill God’s purpose for you through publishing his word. Your book may be the very tool God chooses to accomplish his purposes.

I chose WestBow Press to publish my book because of their open commitment to works of Christian authors. In addition to WestBow’s affiliation with Thomas Nelson and Zondervan publishers. All believers are given different gifts at the time of their new birth. The motivational gift I received was that of exhortation (Romans 12:6-8). As such, my whole person seeks to give support, reference hope, and promote faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4:10-11). Thus, writing my book fell into line with the “me” the Maker created me to be. Why am I surprised when God chooses to use my book to implement his further purposes? Yet, I am reverently amazed!

He Who Has Called You is Faithful (I Thessalonians 5:24)

I believe God called me to write my book. His Word promised that he would faithfully achieve his purposes through my obedience. So, I put aside the hesitations and fears, and took my first step toward accomplishing this aspect of his will for my life.

He Will Do It (I Thessalonians 5:24)

The resulting obedience provided me with unimagined platforms from which I’ve been able to represent God. He has opened doors to accomplish all he purposed for my book; I’m cooperative, but he is “doing it.”

How Unsearchable Are His Ways (Romans 11:33)


Doors of the public schools welcomed me as I read my book to multiple assemblies of Kindergarten through third graders. In their letters of thanks to me, students acknowledged that not everyone is the same, and that it’s okay to be “myself.” I saw this as a good “footing” upon which third graders could construct a Godly identity; identities in the process of being established.


GodAlthough classified as a children’s book, “The Me Only I Get to Be”, spans across the age continuum. God has used it to affect groups of children and adults, as well as to minister to individuals. Technology made it easy to read the book to a women’s church group. This included an assignment of “Pairing and Sharing” as women read aloud God’s scriptural Word as to the truth of who God claimed they were in Christ Jesus; identities being reclaimed.

I was also blessed to witness the effect my book had upon a young woman whose husband had just given her notice of his leaving the marriage commitment. While reading the book aloud for the first time, she broke into tears…however not for herself. She mentioned her gratitude for all with which God continued to bless her. Her focus shifted from what she had not, to all that God faithfully continued to provide.

Please, Please, move forward into that purpose for which you were created. You may never realize the blessings your obedience will acquire if you don’t take that first step in faith.

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