God Speaks Through Dreams

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A Stirring Soul

In September 2015, I headed to Nashville for the DotMOM Conference. As a mom of 3 kiddos, I was ready to be recharged, encouraged, and with Jesus. I remember listening to Karen Kingsbury speak there. She was reading one of her children’s books, Let Me Hold You Longer. Karen had all the moms crying and wanting to go home to love their children better and show them Jesus.  At that moment, I felt a stirring in my spirit: God had more for me to be doing. I want to encourage moms and families, I want to share God’s love. I want to help build character in kids and let them know that with God they can do anything. My desire is that people are moved to see Jesus.

On October 26, I woke up from a dream feeling such an urgency from the Lord. I had an inexplicable feeling that God was up to something.  I wrote in my prayer journal because I knew I had heard Him and didn’t want to miss or forget anything.

My Prayer


I want so much to do something extraordinary for you. God give Matt and I a fresh new vision of how our family can serve you. How we can use our talents, gifts and experiences to lead people to You. We want to see them excited about you.  Give them the desire to live for You, not out of obligation but a longing to want to be more like You. Show us what that looks like.  Place people into our lives that can speak and encourage us.  Open doors for ministry. Open a new door for our family. God I feel like You said to write a book. Give me guidance and direction.

May this dream and desire come to fruition. Give me favor. Guide me in the right direction. May I feel Your presence always. Fill our house with Your presence. Touch our kids. Use them for Your glory. May they turn to You and love You. God my desire is to see our family serving together and ministering together. Give us a clear vision.

God Speaks

Soon after my prayer, God spoke to me for the first time about writing a book. I found it quite strange that He would want me to write. I am not the best writer. I never know where to put the correct punctuation and I am not a woman of fancy, big words. As time passed, almost a year, I continued to pray for God’s guidance and wisdom.  I still didn’t know exactly what He wanted me to write.

And then it happened…another dream. I woke up with the main character, as well as the title of my first book. I knew this was God. So I wrote, and that was the day Adventures with Piggy became a reality.

My whole life I have always been encouraged and told I could do anything. When it comes to things I’m not naturally good at, I tend to doubt myself or shrink back in fear. What I’ve learned through this whole process though, is that God would not put a dream in my heart if He hadn’t already given me everything I needed to fulfill it. God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. If God has spoken to you, I encourage you not to let fear keep you from trusting Him and Dreaming Big.

– WBP –

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