Foods for the Writer’s Brain

Foods for the Writer's BrainIf you’re looking for a way to renew your focus and energy towards writing, the answer could lie in your eating habits. Don’t underestimate the power of food to motivate, energize or comfort you.

Feed your brain

Many studies out there show that certain foods can help boost, maintain and recharge brain activity. Eating these foods on a regular basis might help keep your brain healthy and ready for productive writing sessions.

  • Avocado
    This tasty green fruit is full of vitamins and nutrients that are thought to aid in cognitive brain functions. Make yourself some guacamole and get to work!
  • Beets
    The nitrates found in beets are said to increase the flow of blood to the brain. If you’ve only ever eaten beets from a can, a whole new world of fresh, delicious roasted beet recipes awaits you.
  • Walnuts
    Another food with healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, walnuts pack a mean nutritional punch. Eat whole walnuts, including the skin!
  • Berries
    Berries are high in antioxidants that protect your brain cells. Eat healthy, antioxidant-rich foods — such as spinach, berries, garlic, etc. — on a daily basis.
  • Salmon
    Salmon is rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids that are essential for brain function. Eat salmon or a similar type of fish once a week to regularly rebuild your brain cells.


Reward yourself

If you’re having a hard time sticking to your writing schedule, consider coupling the task of writing with a comforting, rewarding food habit. If you combine your writing time with ice-cream-eating time or hot-tea-drinking time, you’ll create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere that you’ll want to return to each day.

  • Coffee
    Enjoy a cup of coffee while you write. In moderation, the caffeine can help keep you alert and focused as you work.
  • Hot Tea
    When writing becomes stressful, a warm, cozy beverage should help ease your nerves. As a bonus, many types of tea are rich in healthy antioxidants.
  • Dark Chocolate
    Aside from its comforting deliciousness, dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants and natural stimulants like caffeine.
  • Ice Cream
    We’re not aware of any health benefits here, but ice cream’s mysterious powers of motivation are not lost on anyone.


Tell us what you eat while you write!


  1. I love caffeine, particularly coffee, and chocolate is my favorite comfort food. The latter makes me smile since my book is titled, A Fine Piece of Chocolate: Righteous Sistas Crossing Over to the Wild Side.

  2. This is really useful for writers like me. I have been finding it difficult these days to write for my blog. I think I need to incorporate more of these foods to help keep my brain functioning properly again.

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