Focus on God with Your Writing During Lent

Use Your Writing to Bring Your Focus to GodAsh Wednesday reminds us that the season of Lent is upon us. Starting today, Christians prepare themselves for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This time is used to reflect through prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving and self-denial. The duration of Lent is often related to the time that Jesus spent fasting in the desert before he started his ministry.

In order to focus more on God, Christians fast during Lent. Traditionally, this implies giving something up that we enjoy, such as chocolate or soda. It is important to remember that we do not always have to give something up in order to fast and focus on God. Sometimes we benefit more from doing something extra during Lent, such as reading the Bible every day or volunteering at a soup kitchen.  As a writer, you can use your gift to bring your focus to God during this time of preparation.

3 Ways Your Writing Can Bring Your Focus to God:

Reflect – Choose passages in the Bible to read and reflect on during Lent. Write about what the passages mean to you and how you can apply the messages in your daily life.

Pray – Keep a prayer journal during Lent and write in it every day.

Listen – God has called you to write your story. What purpose has He given your story? Now, more than ever, listen to God as He guides you in your writing.

This Lenten season, incorporate these three things in your writing as your way of fasting. Lent does not mean we need to forbid ourselves from something we enjoy. Sometimes, by doing something such as writing or volunteering, we inadvertently give up something because we are focusing on God and not our desires.

How will you use your writing to bring your focus to God this Lent?


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