2012 Women of Faith Writing Contest Finalists

2012 Women of Faith FinalistsThank you to all of the authors who participated and submitted a manuscript for the 2012 Women of Faith writing contest. We are pleased to announce the top 30 finalists of the 2012 Women of Faith writing contest.

This is the third annual Women of Faith writing contest that WestBow Press has held. With two accomplished winners from previous contests, this year’s finalists are poised for a publishing prize.


Top 30 finalists:

  • Waiting by Shawna Young
  • The Exchange by David Sutliff
  • So Long, Someday by Lisa Belcastro
  • The Soul of Abram Clark by Shirley Buxton
  • Mirror Images by Laurie Norlander
  • 52 Faithful Choices by Paula Whidden
  • The Submission Experiment by Linda Atkinson
  • Wasting Perfume by Tiffany Deluccia
  • The Outcasts by Nancy Hamm
  • Tranquility by Christa Conklin
  • A Family for Joshua by Denise Cychosz
  • The Maker of the Mustard Seed by Shelly Evans
  • Please Pass the Aspirin Ranae Bowman
  • He Has Made Me Glad by Donna Petty
  • Threadbare by Cindi Sparkman
  • The Beloved Daughter by Alana Terry
  • Xadrez by Ashley Hodges Bazer
  • The Stone of Ebenezer by Susan Van Volkenburgh
  • Again and Always by Laurie Hornsby
  • Life Everafter by Julie Hall
  • Beatrice Kempthrone by Bethany Swanson
  • Chasing Abner by Anita Klumpers
  • Damaged Goods by Angie Brower
  • The Christmas Chapel by Barbara Witcher
  • When Valleys Bloom Again by Pat Davis
  • Redeeming Ruth by Meadow Rue Merrill
  • Kids, Dogs, and Kitchen Disasters by Lisa Gwen Roark
  • One Day at a Time by Carol L. Schwarz
  • Royal by Karoline Ott
  • Our Great Romance by Sarah Rennicke

Each of the top 30 finalists will receive 20% off of any publishing package from WestBow Press.

Congratulations to the top 30 finalists of the contest, and thank you again to all of the authors who participated and submitted a manuscript.

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