Writing During the Holidays

Our writing is thankful for the holidays, but not because we deem a holiday the excuse we’ve been looking for to put our thoughts to rest. Quite the contrary. Such days are full of life — bursting with color.

During the holidays, personality surrounds you, and the uplifting tone has a way of re-centering your spirit — a refreshed appreciation for the simplicities of life. The holidays serve as a  reminder for what truly matters. And the excitement lies within the characters (family and friends) and the heart of their stories.

Writers have been known to hop up amidst conversation and burrow to the corner of the room, even if for only a few minutes. Writers are taking notes — jotting tidbits of thought and inspiration from the intricacies of these personalities they adore so much (for both their complexities and complimenting attributes).

These little notes may not make up a complete character in their developing story, but may contribute to or spread across the motions of many of their characters. Or perhaps a word or phrase strikes an idea for a new storyline or twist to their current plot.

Our point is, home is your comfort zone — a place where inspiration flows easily and in its purest form. And so, this holiday, as you sit among the company of family and friends, really listen and look…feel. Inspiration…it’s all around you.

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