Debra Rosen’s Tips on Hosting a Successful Book Signing

In this space, WestBow Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. The following blog is from Debra Rosen, author of Inspiration for Autism, A Pathway to Hope and Resources. For info about Debra visit her websites and To begin your self-publishing journey, get your free WestBow Press publishing guide today!

Inspiration for Autism, A Pathway to Hope and Resources was born from my personal experience as the mother of an autistic child.  An educator and school administrator for over two decades, yet clueless on raising a son with such severe special needs, I found myself writing my story in hopes of helping others find inspiration, behavioral management ideas, and resources. sku-001082040

Once the typing was complete and the editing was flawless, the publisher was secured and the layout and design were polished.  Once the printing was complete, the selling of my beloved book was underway.  As a new author, it was important to keep in mind why I wrote the book in the first place.  I wrote this bestseller to be just that…a bestseller.  I wanted to reach the widest audience as possible to help as many people as I could.

I have had to put all apprehensions and fears aside to sell my book.  I began to market myself as well as Inspiration for Autism.  You may be asking by now, how did I do that?  My first step was to prepare a one-page synopsis of my work as well as the qualifications that allowed me to offer advice and benefit others in the world of special needs.  After preparing my literary resume, I researched my local Barnes and Noble retailers to find out who the community representative was in charge of local book signings.  I emailed her my literary summary and my connections in the community.  My focus was to show her that I could indeed bring in a large volume of customers to her retail establishment.

I followed up my email with a personal visit shortly thereafter.  It was immediate, once she saw my enthusiasm and passion for my product that we calendared a date for my first signing.  Passion combined with connections goes a long way in the literary world.  She sent the images of both my book cover and picture that I provided her to the printer and viola I was on the upcoming author book signing poster, B & N social media sites, and her marketing kit.  I immediately requested the marketing materials and blasted all of my social media outlets so I could spread the advertising across a wider audience.  I also sent a personal email blast to every person in my contact list using Constant Contact as to avoid any spam or junk mail issues.  Lastly, I contacted the local newspaper and asked them to publish the event two weeks prior to the signing.  They happily obliged.

auThe day prior to the signing, I made sure a table and my marketing posters were prepared. I brought in extra copies of my book in case we sold out.  Good thing I prepared for that…we sold out!  Barnes and Noble bought them on consignment from me.  The day of the signing, I made sure I had extra pens on hand, business cards for future questions and contacts. I spoke with every person I could as they entered the store.  I shared with them the latest statistics of children being diagnosed with ASD, autism spectrum disorder.  If they knew anybody on the spectrum, I encouraged them to take a look at my book. I sold many copies and the experience was a success.

I followed up my book signing with a personal thank you card and a small gift to the customer service representative who helped calendar my event.

Be passionate. Be prepared. Be grateful.

– WBP –

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