Can’t Never Could – Overcoming Fear

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Writing With Purpose 

My writing journey began with a focus on students who have yet to learn the basics of scripture or its relevance to their lives.  I have been in the ministry of teaching students for twenty-five years and have never seen a time like this.  Many students do not know the basics of Scripture.  Students are coming to church with no biblical background and no understanding of what the Bible is really about. My heart broke over this disturbing trend.


Listening to the Call

I began my summer vacation two years ago writing lessons with simple truths about the Bible with basic life verses added. I wanted this project to be finished and ready for our students when we started Wednesday night Bible club again in August. Thus, my writing journey began. When August came, I piloted the lessons as our curriculum on Wednesday nights. It went better than I could have ever imagined. Our leaders loved my lessons and thought they were perfect for our elementary students. Many leaders with various teaching styles loved the simplicity of my lessons. The cool thing was that my study leaders varied from retirees to young teachers; everyone was able to use my lessons based on student needs.

One Wednesday evening after our Bible club, the leaders approached me saying that I needed to publish the lessons for other churches to use as a resource. I thought there was no way that could happen. God has a sense of humor because I am not a writer by any means. Since that conversation, it seemed that God continued to impress on me to publish. I researched self-publishing companies and always returned to WestBow. It seemed that each time that I attempted to move forward, I would hesitate due to fear. I was at the point that I would call WestBow and hang up before anyone would answer.


Letting Go Of Fear

“Cain’t never could,” was a quote my mother said many times. This saying always came to mind when deciding whether or I would publishing a book.  I had to start somewhere and that is what I did.  My favorite verse, 2 Timothy 1:7 came to my thoughts consistently. With this verse in mind, I picked up the phone to finally contact WestBow Press. The verse says, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind.” Fear of “can’t,” and “ain’t” will not allow you to try. God showed me that He gives power, love, and a sound mind. This was the confidence I needed to say I could by trusting Him and using WestBow to complete this project.


Reflection of Thankfulness

I look back on my publishing journey and think WOW! I am thankful for this opportunity and proud of the accomplishment God has allowed in my life. My hope is that if one church uses this as a resource to share God’s word then my work is done. The take away from this experience is to release the spirit of fear and let God’s power, love, and sound mind lead you on a writing journey that could possibly change lives with your obedience.


– WBP –

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  2. Hi I am Virginia Bowen. This may sound crazy but God wants me to write a book. For about almost two years. It is to help others from my life story and walk with God beside me. It is also to bring honor and glory to God. I don’t understand completely why he has chosen me to write a book especially since I have only read maybe 5 in my life. I never have wrote a book. Every time I go online God seems to direct me to publishing sites. how to write a book sights. He pops up or sends me emails. Sometimes West Biw shows up where it doesn’t have anything to do with my searches. For the longest time I have doubted myself making excuses not believing 100 percent that I am hearing God right. Feeling why would God pick me. Feelings of unworthiness. Despite how I feel I have decided to do what God has been asking me for a long time. I am out of excuses with God. God wants me to contact you. He said you will help. Thank you. Faith.

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