Writing Tip & Prompt: Be Conscientious of the Reader

Writing Tip & PromptOn Fridays we like to share writing tips and tricks with our readers. We hope this section will encourage and inspire you to continually improve as a writer.

Writing Tip – Be Conscientious of the Reader

Don’t be too obscure when you’re writing. You may know exactly what a drill press does, but your reader might not. Always try to read your stories and poems objectively. There may be details that need a little supplemental information in order to smooth out the prose for other readers.

Writing Prompt – Breakup Advice

Consider a previous dating relationship that never worked out. Once you have a particular one in mind, think of 10 statements your friends told you in order to get over him or her. Choose one and begin a story with this advice as the first line. Did your friends help, or did their advice make matters worse? Try to capture the confusion and complexity that comes from an ending relationship.


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