Writing Tip and Prompt: 11/2/2012

On Fridays we like to share writing tips and tricks with our readers. We hope this section will encourage and inspire you to continually improve as a writer.

Writing Tip – Changing Perspective

Walk around the block or hike a new trail. Absorb your surroundings. Stop, turn around and look back, observing where you have just been. This change of perspective offers a surprisingly different view. Pay attention to the details you failed to see when walking forward and how those details alter the scenario. It is this backward or alternate perspective that will help to open up your story while discovering uniqueness from another view.

 Writing Prompt – Capturing Emotions

It is said that with the right words — the right language — a story will hold truth. It is the capturing of emotions with precision that elevates a story to natural beauty. Take an emotional moment from your life and write about a very small piece of that time. Focus on slowing down and moving inward as opposed to moving forward. When the emotions run high, be compelled to slow down. Capture the details that would ordinarily slip the eye or mind. Such compression will open your story to the beauty and rawness of truth.


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