Sheryll Sanderson: Attending the 2013 Women of Faith Conference in Orlando, Fla.

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes brief accounts, written by our authors, about how self-publishing their books has affected their lives. The following are the words of Sheryl Sanderson; author of “The Consequences of Choice:”

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Women of Faith Conference in Orlando, Florida with a friend of mine. It was our first time at a women’s conference, so we really did not know what to expect. Our experience was electric and fulfilling.

WestBow Press author Sheryll Sanderson stops by the WestBow Press booth at 2013 Women of Faith Conference - Orlando

WestBow Press author Sheryll Sanderson stops by the WestBow Press booth at 2013 Women of Faith Conference – Orlando

Lisa Harper, Holly Wagner, and Sheila Walsh were outstanding, and the stories they shared were heartbreaking. However, they did not dwell on the pain, but rather the strength they received through Christ Jesus. They were an inspiration for everyone.

Mark Lowry was hilarious when he spoke of “life’s interruptions.” The fact that he wrote the song “Mary Did You Know?” was a great surprise, and then when he performed it for us, well that just blew us away. The real treat was getting to hear Max Lucado, one of my favorite authors. His gentle speak and inspiring words offered hope and peaceful reflection.

During the breaks, I walked around with the young woman I came with, and we stopped by the WestBow Press tables. It was so exciting to see my e-book stubs there among all the other stubs. I could tell my book was in very good company. By the end of the conference, all of the stubs were gone, indicating a very successful two days.

Thank you, WestBow Press for doing such a beautiful job in the publication of my book, and for your constant support and encouragement. I pray that everyone who reads this will explore your website and take a look at the books they have published and consider a purchase. They are all exceptional and WestBow Press’s quality of work is second to none.

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As an aside, just to show how God works in our lives, during the time I was writing my book,
The Consequences of Choice,” I was in great distress, hoping and praying that I was doing it for God’s glory and nothing else. During a time when I was questioning my motives, I prayed that God would show me that this was what He wanted.

Several days later, I received a call from WestBow Press asking me if I was interested in publishing my book. That was enough for me to know that God was behind my… no, our project. If anyone is considering writing a book to glorify our God and King, I urge you to consider WestBow Press.

May God bless and keep you all safe.

– Sheryll Sanderson

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