Patti Greene, Author of Answer Me: Developing a Heart for Prayer

In this space, WestBow Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. The following blog is from Patti Greene, author of Answer Me: Developing a Heart for Prayer. If you would like to learn more about Patti’s life or work, visit her blog Greene Pastures. To begin your self-publishing journey, get your free WestBow Press publishing guide today!

Childhood Interests

Growing up my family valued books and reading. The bookshelves in my parents’ home were always overflowing with novels, magazines, and encyclopedias. Newspapers were delivered in abundance to every home we owned. My two brothers and I were raised to believe that bookcases were an essential piece of furniture in every room.Patti Greene

Where I lived in the northeast, there weren’t any brick-and-mortar libraries close by. Despite that,  I found much enjoyment going to the bookmobile that showed up weekly at the local shopping center. While my mother was in the grocery store, I would anxiously and excitedly climb the big bookmobile stairs. I was always in search of the perfect books to check out. Every Christmas I looked forward to receiving good books to read.

By the time I went to high school, I was not as interested in reading anymore. I remember one day my father restricted me to the dining room table until I read an article in a Newsweek magazine. Reading was always valued in my family, and it still is.

As I write this article, my 91-year-old mother is sitting at the kitchen table taking notes from her medical books.

A Call to Writing

As a child when we traveled on our vacations, my parents had my brothers and I write diary entries on our days’ adventures. This was my first recollection of enjoying “collections.” When I was seventeen, I began logging my prayer requests in various types of note-books. Basically, I found myself prayer-journaling before prayer-journaling came into vogue.

For many years I worked as a librarian. One day after retirement, I prayed fervently about what the Lord wanted me to do. In his own way during my quiet time, I was impressed to go into my bedroom closet. My first thought was, “Oh no God, you aren’t going to make me sit in my messy closet and pray, are you?”

As I stood in my closet, I was impressed again to, “Look up.” There stood 42-years of prayer journals on my top shelf. It was then I heard the still, small voice saying, “Patti, I want you to write prayer journals. This is what I have been preparing you for all these years.” While I have tinkered with writing articles and stories most of my adult life, I became serious at that point. My mission was to write prayer journals so others could experience joy, comfort, and security. Blessings which I’d experienced throughout my entire adult life.

Prayer Journals

Answer MeMy devotional prayer-journals combine Bible study and prayer. The two cannot be separated. Each journal includes undated date lines, topics and Scripture verses. As well as a suggested Bible reading, prayer request sections and a section to honor God with your thoughts.

My prayer is for others to become serious about prayer and Bible study. I practice my writing skills on my own Christian blog Greene Pastures. While I believe “practicing” a skill is of utmost importance, I believe continuous daily practice in communicating with God is essential. That is why I am honored to have the following three journals published with WestBow Press.

Awaken Me: Growing Deeper in Bible Study and Prayer – A 365-day devotional incorporating interesting phrases from the Bible.

Anchor Me: Laying a Foundation in Bible Study and Prayer – A 181-day devotional filled with both spiritual and social issues.

Answer Me: Developing a Heart for God – a 90-day devotional prayer journal for those desiring how to have a deeper prayer life. NEW RELEASE.

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  1. What a great encouragement for those who need a strong hand to help lift them up. You’ve also discovered a great niche market. Hope sales are strong and people come closer to the Lord because of your efforts. Peace.

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