Judy Janowski: Self-Publishing her book helped her recover from illness, relate her love of gardening to spirituality

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. The following are the words of Judy Janowski author of “Life is a Garden Party.”
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Life Is a Garden Party is a book about gardening, yes, but in actuality it’s a 3-in-1: 1.) a gardening observation 2.) with a spiritual application and supporting scriptures 3.) in rhyme. Each story has two poems so you could say it’s a two-for-the-price-of-one or buy-one-get-one-free. A real bargain in today’s world.


Judy Janowski poses with her book.

One summer I was visiting with a neighbor who was nearing 80 (now he’s looking on 90). He said something that transposed in my mind as from dawn to dusk. That phrase was stuck in my head for a few days. Being the 4th of July and having a bit of sun poisoning, I sat outside to write it down. “From Dawn to Dusk” was the first poem I wrote. I soon had a small, used notebook full of poems.

That July was too hot and humid to work in the yard so I sat in front of the fan transferring what was handwritten to the computer where it morphed into an observation with an application without any forethought. My brain would not shut off. I got up early, stayed up late, wrote in the middle of the night but then couldn’t read what I had written in the morning. The title came to me one day when I was coming in from the garden.

I told a friend I was writing. She gave me her second-hand computer giving me the ability to have internet access, etc. I looked into publishing. Another friend gave me a book about print-on-demand publishing. God provided the resources to publish one Christmas and the next day a print-on-demand publishing company called. God’s perfect timing – one step at a time.

gardenThe entire writing experience has been a gift from God. I had been diagnosed with an illness in 1990 that left me with brain fog, making it difficult to form a sentence. When I started writing, it came out in rhyme. Being a writer/author wasn’t something planned. Writing has been healing, taking all my broken pieces and making a whole. Romans 8:28

I had researched publishers for a writer friend. At that time WestBow caught my attention. I wrote the information on a little scrap piece of paper which was stored under the keyboard for a few years. When I needed another print-on-demand publisher, WestBow was contacted first. WestBow is very expedient and favorably priced. I do recommend to future authors that it’s advantageous to purchase a package that contains marketing, providing greater sales opportunities.

Life Is a Garden Party is a family read. Many of the stories are written as a riddle. An example of one of my gardening observations/spiritual applications pertains to my compost pile. As the compost pile will consume any vegetation, I call it “garbage mouth”. The spiritual application is “let your conversation be filled with grace” vs. garbage. One goal is to teach others to see God’s principles taught in the Bible through their surroundings.

Through this journey I have learned that many people believe in the Creator but not in the Savior. My prayer is that spiritual children result. The blog states which countries have accessed my blog. Countries I have never heard of. May Jesus Christ be praised. I have also “met” people with like faith who are now spiritual mentors. Thank you, Lord. Love hearing from my readers. Their inflection is usually deeper than what I’m able to convey. As all of life is a learning experience, Life Is a Garden Party is growing my faith as well, often calling to mind God’s faithfulness.


Judy Janowski


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