Dr. Candice Smithyman: Transition from Crossbooks to WestBow

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press  publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. The following are the words of Dr. Candice Smithyman; co-author of “Soul Transformation: Your Personal Journey.”  To begin your self-publishing journey, get your free WestBow Press publishing guide today! 

I had published books before with other companies, but the ease of publication with WestBow was beyond what I had imagined.  My second book was published by Crossbooks, a division of Lifeway. They did a great job in helping me with the process of publishing and this was a welcome change from my first published book with another publisher.

Dr. Smithyman stands near the WestBow Press signing table at Women of Faith Orlando.

Dr. Smithyman stands near the WestBow Press signing table at Women of Faith Orlando.

When Crossbooks informed me that they were going out of business and that I could transfer my files to Westbow Press for publishing, needless to say, I was a bit discouraged. I had been with Crossbooks for only a year and I had paid a considerable amount for my publishing package.

I had thought my relationship with them would be longterm and I would see the fruit of my labor with this company. My concern was mostly around the fact that I had worked so hard with Crossbooks and I had put a lot of time and resources into producing this book and now the relationship had ended. No matter what had happened, I knew my book had to continue, so I accepted the offer to go to WestBow Press.

The transition was very quick and without any hassles. It was a great experience and the transition team that worked with me were efficient and truly concerned about me and the new release of my book. It was very easy to transfer the files and sign off. In the same week I was transferring files, I got a call from a marketing representative from WestBow asking me if I wanted to participate in a book signing for the Women of Faith Conference in Orlando. I was so excited and yet my
book was not totally complete yet, I still had a few more documents to sign.SOulSmithyman

The marketing team and others at WestBow quickly pushed through my documents and I was able to attend the event. It was an amazing opportunity to give my book to 60 ladies who waited in line to have a signed copy. I had never experienced anything like this before and I was astounded at the experience. All the while I had been at Crossbooks I had never had an opportunity of this sort, and to think that was happening when my book was not even completely finished yet. It was amazing to see how they worked so hard to facilitate my book so that I could attend the event on time.

Dr. Smithyman before her book signing at Women of Faith Orlando.

Dr. Smithyman before her book signing at Women of Faith Orlando.

I cannot say enough good things about my transition from Crossbooks to WestBow, and the ease of the book publishing process, along with the joy of speaking and praying with the marketing team members about the opportunities for my book. If you are considering publishing with WestBow, I highly encourage you to do so. They really care about their authors and go the extra mile with them to make the experience the best they can. I look forward to more amazing marketing events in the future and the publication of more books as God allows me to do so.

Dr. Candice Smithyman, author of Soul Transformation: Your Personal Journey, 6 week bible study.
Websites: www.dreammentors.org www.freedomdestiny.org
Facebook page: Drs. Adam and Candice Smithyman
Twitter: @candicesmithy
Email: candice@cs-ministries.org

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