Cynthia Eggl: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Author Shares Her Story of Survival

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes brief accounts, written by our authors, about how self-publishing their books has affected their lives. The following are the words of Cynthia Eggl; breast cancer survivor and author of ““Boundless Blessings and God’s Grace – My Journey through Breast Cancer.”

I completed monthly breast self-exams, annual mammograms starting at age forty, annual physicals, with no indication of breast cancer.  Excruciating breast pain radiating out under my left arm finally forced me to my doctor’s office. Breast cancer doesn’t run in my family; I’m the first to be diagnosed with this disease. I was stunned when I learned I had stage

Cynthia Eggl chats with a reader at a recent book signing.

Cynthia Eggl chats with a reader at a recent book signing.

2b breast cancer in April 2011. Despite having a double lumpectomy, removal of nine lymph nodes, sixteen chemo, and thirty-three radiation treatments, I decided I would take action to help others—by educating people about being proactive, rather than reactive, and encouraging and inspiring them to offer up their walk to God, should they be placed in a similar circumstance. I chose faith over worry!

There is no doubt in my mind that God entrusted me with the message of hope, which I shared when I published my book, Boundless Blessings and God’s Grace—My Journey through Breast Cancer. Publishing a book was never on my bucket list. Many family members and those closest to me told me what an inspiration I had been to them and others throughout my battle. Writing my journal was cathartic—it helped me deal with my emotions, allowing me to provide updates as to how I was coping. But it also provided a way to spread the message to trust in God during challenging times, to educate people about awareness, preventative care, and offered a look from a patient’s perspective in surviving this grueling health ordeal as I fought for my life.

Eggl CoverA recent gratifying moment occurred when I stopped in an office to drop off my signed books, and by the time I left, I had sold and signed three more books. One person purchased my book because of a recent TV story I had done, and she wanted her sister, who had been recently diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer, to be able to read it for encouragement. I have six book-signing events scheduled during October and November, giving me a chance to thank people for their prayers, compassion, and support.

I am still fighting the side effects of my breast cancer battle today, but I take whatever it is God gives me and make the most of every day. My favorite quote is, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” I am quite simply grateful to be alive!

My book is available as an ebook, in paperback and hardcover, published by Westbow Press.  More information can be found at or my Facebook page at

– Cynthia Eggl

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