Charlie Liebert: Answering Questions About Jesus

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At age 70, in 2012, I was teaching a Christian Business Men’s group a series of lessons on personal evangelism.  Week after week I heard a common refrain from a class member, “I don’t share the Gospel because of all questions I can’t answer that my unbelieving friends and family ask me.”
Jesus was often questioned and he frequently answered them with another question to expose the questioners’ motives and presuppositions.  He was using a strategy anyone could use to get to the Gospel without first directly answering their questions.charlie

Since I’ve taught college Business subjects for the last 12 years, I developed a series of lesson plans.  After I finished teaching the lessons, several of the men asked if I would give them the plans so they could share these concepts with other believers.  As I shared this experience with one of my spiritual mentors Bob said, “Why don’t you write a book explaining this concept?
I took this as a call to work and I began to put “Always Be Ready to Give an Answer!” together.  It took a lot of Bible study to fully develop the concept and as I did I realized just how much Jesus used this approach in dealing with the Pharisees, the rich young ruler and many others.  After I’d completed an outline and several chapters I was discussing this concept with another Christian brother and he said,”…but eventually you need to answer their question.”  I agreed and the second call to write came.

Always BeI became a Christian at age 35 and by the time I was 40 was doing a ministry related to creation, science and the Bible.  I even worked for Answers in Genesis for a short time in those early years.  In the middle 1980s I set up a web page that allowed readers to ask questions that I would then answer.  After more than 20 years of Q and A, I developed answers to over 100 common questions the world asks Christians.

So my second book began, “ANSWERS For ‘The Hope That Is In You.'”  As I wrote, in addition to answersanswering over 100 questions, I added analysis of the differences between Biblical Creation and Atheistic Evolution.  Both of these books have just gone live (June 2015) and I will begin promoting them as soon as I get the website running. As I read ANSWERS during one of the proof steps I realized I’d been critical of Evolution but I really hadn’t made a strong enough case against it.  So book three is underway, “Without 3 Miracles Darwin’s DEAD!”  These three miracles are: Magic — something from nothing; Frankenstein — live from dead stuff; and Uphill Molasses, the uphill flow of evolution in a universe that is running down.

I have also written some fiction but that’s another story.

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