Beverly D. Allen: God never wastes your life experiences, but will use them for his glory!

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes brief accounts, written by our authors, about how self-publishing their books has affected their lives. The following are the words of Beverly D. Allen, author “Covenant Dating: The Biblical Path to Marriage.”

I have been a self-published author since 2003. It is still hard to believe when I look at the four books with my name on them.  I may be the writer, but the Holy Spirit is the inspiration for what I write. I could imagine how the holy men of God felt as they spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

I teach Scripture, even present the Gospel of Jesus Christ on various platforms, but the time came when there wascovenant dating cover such an unction in my spirit to write the vision and make it plain. That way, others could read and be encouraged, enlightened, and motivated to follow Christ and know that God’s plan is better than any they could ever design for themselves. He has factored in all our mistakes, failures, and poor choices, using them for His glory, if we will allow Him by obeying His voice.

Well, I obeyed and began to write and was led to self-publish the assignments He gave me. After searching for a self-publisher online, I used a Christian publishing company for the first three, having  had a good experience, but was led to find a new publisher for this new assignment, Covenant Dating, The Biblical Path to Marriage.  I learned of WestBow Press online, a company that had a great connection to Thomas Nelson Publishing—one of the best endorsements any publisher could have.  I, of course, went with them.

That experience is one I have not regretted. I received great encouragement and direction each step of the way.

Allen11(5x7)Investing in God’s vision to me is rewarding personally, because I know that obedience is always the road to travel and let God work out the results of what you do.

The steps to self-publish have opened up new doors I never thought of. As one example, I was contacted by a Christian radio station, KTLW and Worship on the Way Radio Network in Van Nuys, California, to do fifteen four-minute segments for a series on DOING DATING RIGHT. This series aired for the entire month of February 2014, and they want to run them again, possibly this summer.

Look at what one step of faith can do when you believe in the vision and self-publish!

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    1. Hello Grace,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your wonderful comment about faith being displayed by obedience. May we always be willing to be obedient, regardless of the cost or sacrifice.


      1. Amen! I completely agree, and I can tell you from hard, long personal experience that it’s going to cost us everything. The only thing we will be left with after all the storms are over, is our faith, which will be stronger than ever. Everything else has to go.

  1. Hi Beverly, I am so excited for you, and the book looks great! Please do not hesitate to contact me or WestBow is there is anything we can assist you with.

  2. Beverly, I really enjoyed reading your post & will be purchasing a publishing package this Friday, because I honestly feel like Jesus’ delivering me from SOSOOOO many things over the last 26 years, because He knew that I WAS going to write an autobiography to share my testimony with the world about what an AWESOME & LIFESAVING God He IS!!!

    Thank you,

    1. I agree! Me, too! It’s a good thing that our testimonies are each unique to us individually! It’s kind of scary putting it all out there like that, in book form, but if even just one soul can benefit from our stories, it is so worth it! Be strong in faith!

  3. something about your wording and your story, caught my eye. Whether you receive this letter, in private or publicly, This is our time and generation in history to “change the world.” Light up the minds of conscience beings, to the reality of “Prides” measure in the hearts of all humans alike.

    That “consequence!” that imprisons, future generations with our poorer choices from greed and peagan thinking. “Where was Humanity and GOD back then?” they would say. That light is “Johns Revelations”. The bibles are all clear,,,GOD inspired words.

    I believe you to be so inspired and holding to the “words” of GOD. I too, am such a writer of words. GOD is my master and my father. My very reason for “faith”, “love”, “Thanks to GOD”. I believe my calling pure to me alone.

    I will rewrite modern invention of GOD. That the masses might digest modern food for thought to know love and light are their own; if they listen and read and think. The first book “the King of Martyrs. “Ultimately my test of faith.”

    I have since gone on to “Blogger” as Richard Legaree,,,[till-earth-dowepart.] I hope you may test my water as i am about to view through you, with your permission. I hope you may give me guidance to fruition. In GODs time. Love everybody; Trust not.

    GOD bless us all,

  4. Dear Beverly:

    Thank you for your encouragement. As I read your blog — especially the part about the role of the Holy Spirit in your writings — I related. And when you used the word “assignments”, I thought on a message I heard at Prayer Meeting Sunday evening. We’ve been having “Prayer Watches” and the minister said God gives “assignments” as we pray, and prayer should be a place of “further instruction”. But we often leave our assignments “UNDONE!”

    Thank you for obeying God. At 76, I am determined to complete my assignments by His grace and for His glory.

    God be with you.
    Peggy Clyne

  5. In the last few months of my life theres been so many blessings from the lord that its hard to take them in I write so much that my mind just wants to keep going can you maybe help me with brain relaxing methods to not go so fast and push things it helps me with gaithering up and keep my thoughts clear. Thank You!
    And God Bless!!!!!

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