Abi Solebo: “Too Good, Yet So True!”

From time to time in this space, WestBow Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. The following are the words of Abi Solebo , author of “Too Good, Yet So True!”

Too Good Yet So True“Any journey starts with a step…” I’m so grateful to God for opening the door for me to self-publish through WestBow Press, it’s been a great experience. It’s very important to have a publisher that shares your values.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever become a published author. I didn’t even think I had what it takes to write. English grammar wasn’t my strong point when I was in school, you can call it “my weakest link”. So humanely speaking, writing wasn’t an area I ever thought to venture.

However, my journey from Islam to Christianity was a great eye opener. “Too Good, Yet So True!”, is an autobiography of my faith journey. When The Lord nudged me to write my autobiography, I thought to myself “This can’t be true.” Like Gideon, I asked The Lord for signs and I knew the confirmation was far beyond me. I realized that there are many Muslim background believers who are afraid to declare their Christian faith for fear of persecution and others who do not  fully understand, that being in Christ is the greatest privilege; one that we need to treasure!abi solebo

After becoming a self-published author, the bible passage that says “The Lord uses the foolish things…” became more meaningful to me. I have now come to realize all one needs to do is yield and leave the rest to God. One only needs to do is hear my testimony to be encouraged and know how good God is, He gave me the grace to stand amidst persecution, and walk through the fire unhurt. I’m elated for the lives that have already been touched by this book and the many more that will be touched. Thank God that I yielded! I’ve published the part 1 of the book and part 2 will be coming out soon. Part 1 took almost a year to be complete. Anytime something comes to mind I jot it down. It was like a puzzle, but gradually it took shape and all the parts fit appropriately. Being abandon by loved ones could be traumatizing at the time, however standing for Jesus amidst persecution has no match in terms of reward. Glory to God!

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  1. I am ready to reveal what God has manufactured within my heart; he’s guided me through-out my days and nights while writing my story-line, I felt his presence and like an obedient child I would stop and start as he directed, and I felt evermore compelled to tell my story, just knowing he is at my side to guide me safely into new territory. I have always enjoyed in my free time been able to read books of my choice, while greatly admiring the beautiful art pieces created in a book “words” an origin destined to fuel positivity into the human mind, body and soul, alike Christ our precious Lord spoke in Matthew 24:35 Heaven and earth may pass away, but my words will never pass away and truth it is His words remains as the shadow of the cross. As a child, even into my mid-life, I continue to struggle with a speech impediment, but refuse to let this adversary control my one joy “words.” I feel God placed upon me, a voice for the many wounded souls, who are or have become recipient of bullying, and alike my speech impediment, therapeutic resources should be majorly capitalized through-out communities to aid with ones struggles at an early age, whether it be the aggressor or victim of such circumstances involving bullying, we the 21th century have to take our voices into our nation schools to help prevent horrific tragedies’ such as Columbine, Sandy Hook and Marysville-Pilchuck school shootings, as well as addressing bullying in private places and public transport. It is our responsibility to aid with educating our youth “Bullying “ is a dysfunction behavior, it not only rob life but destroys our friends, families and communities through-out the homeland.

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