A Call to Write by Jessica C. Jemmott

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Hearing His Call

January of 2015image3authorphoto, the Holy Spirit instructed me to start a women’s community Bible study. He gave me the vision for it to be held at a local café.  Initially, my thought was, Starbucks is too small and inconvenient (oh, how we can put our God in a box).  I was excited about this move from the Lord and shared the vision with a small number of ladies. Then, of course, all of the excuses for why it was not a good time rushed through my mind.

Before I knew it, a year had passed. I allowed “life” to take precedence over my direct instruction from the Lord.

January of 2016, I was awakened again by the Holy Spirit. This time his call came at four in the morning, he commanded I “move with urgency!” My response was, “Okay, Lord, if I am to move with the Bible study at this particular time, I need you to provide three things: a location, the women, and guidance on how to lead this study in Your Word.”  Within a week I received direct guidance to my requests.

He Prepares and Equips

What I did not realize at the time, was that through His instructions the Lord was preparing and equipping me for more. Not only did he instruct me to gather women to lead through His word, but He was also preparing me to teach. Through this journey, I received the inspiration for Simply Redeemed: Titus 3:3-5.

As many writers, I did not realize that becoming an author was part of my life journey. Two years ago, I could not have imagined that my obedience to the Lord’s instruction would lead to the publication of my first book. When I eventually realized that publication was the next instruction, my response was, “how, Lord?”

Isn’t this always the sentiment expressed when we are “called” to do something difficult or new? When reflecting on this question, consider the biblical figures known for questioning what God “called” them to do? Perhaps you can explore your own experiences of doubt by comparing your situation to these biblical accounts.

Follow the Lord’s Instruction

When the Lord gives us instruction, our obedience is not just a “test” to see if we will complete the task. An instruction from Him is much more than a mere test.  Our obedience to the Lord’s call is bigger than the individual.  Our obedience is always backed by a purpose according to the Lord, with promises that will be received- for which He will get the glory!

covertitleandname How does your obedience to His call have purpose? There are various biblical accounts that can emphasize the importance of adherence to the Lord’s instruction. Throughout my personal experience, I’ve prayed that every individual who journeys through the pages of Simply Redeemed Titus: 3: 3-5 experiences the Lord in new and personal ways.

My vision was that many groups would be formed in churches, homes, and cafes everywhere; all with the purpose of journeying through the pages together. I can humbly attest that within just a few short months since the book has been published, groups are currently being formed both nationally and internationally. These people will glean from that which He has called me to do – write.


– WBP –

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  1. Jessica’s story is nothing short of inspiring to myself and many others. God trusted her with an assignment and she was obedient enough to listen and allow Him to guide get every move. I thank God for the assignment on her life because so many people whom are connected to Jess, even by the 5th degree are able to give birth to the assignments He had laid on their hearts… moreover, the study simply redeemed will reach a multitude of peoole and as I’m finishing up my study, I look forward to doing this study within my womens group.

  2. Thank you Jessica for your words of encouragement. Being obedient to God I have just published my first book with West Bow. On my journey with God I have learned to just be obedient to Him. He always prepareus for our assignment.

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